"I have never forgotten the marvellous time I had... the lectures, the trips, everything was inspiring and informative."

"It was absolutely brilliant. We are still reeling with delight."

"Never a dull moment... Perfect balance of classroom lectures and adventuring."

"It made the thought of Newman, Chesterton, Hopkins, Lewis etc., come alive for me: to walk the same streets and roam the same countryside haunts as those we studied opened up, to me, the ways in which the lived experiences of everyday life are where ‘Christ plays’ in our hearts and minds."

"I am excited to bring all that I learned and experienced back with me; all the places we went, the architecture we looked up to, the new information we drank in, and the new friendships we made."

"The events, days, transportation were very well-organised… The lectures were fascinating. I enjoyed all of them, and learned much."