The OXFORD SCHOLARS PROGRAM with the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

We offer accreditation for this course for North American undergraduate students through our partner the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire. In order to complete the credit hours, you will need to:

— Complete a reading list, and a take-home examination on the reading list on your return from England.

— Attend a writing seminar while in England with Dr Lamb.

— Complete a paper, to be submitted no later than 1st October 2019, supervised by Dr Lamb or other Second Spring staff.

If you wish to apply for the Oxford Scholars Program, or would like to discuss it further, please note this on your Application Form. Any questions you have concerning the accreditation prior to your applying should be addressed to Dr William Fahey:

Please note an additional fee will apply.

Apply Now for 1-15th August 2019