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John Rowlands-Pritchard

Our logo was created for us by the calligrapher and musician John Rowlands-Pritchard in the early 1990s. Rowlands-Pritchard manages and directs the a cappella—storytelling group “Opus Anglicanum”, directs open workshops in Gregorian Chant for Festivals, Choirs, and organisations, and makes celebratory inscriptional lettering for private clients and for public buildings.

Learn more about John’s lettering at

Rose-Marie Caldecott

The youngest daughter of Léonie and Stratford Caldecott, Rose-Marie is a fine artist and singer-songwriter. After taking her Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Oxford Brookes, she graduated with a First Class BA in Fine Art from Falmouth University in 2014.

Based in her studio in North Leigh, she creates paintings as an ongoing study into the relationship between the way humanity creates order, and the way nature does: how they interact and where there is tension.

She is asking questions such as: how does man attempt to establish stability within an existence that is in constant flux? Is this stability something we feel we need in order to survive? Perhaps it is nothing more than an illusion we create, to be shattered at any given moment.

She is also interested in natural patterns, the beautiful mathematical sequences that emerge throughout nature, the fractal (self-similar, repeating) patterns that occur both on the micro and the macro level. She is trying to establish what effect this natural order has upon us and whether it can manifest itself through what we create.

She illustrates these thoughts through the way in which she uses paint, playing with the degree of control she uses, often using visual metaphors to add another layer of meaning such as that of the garden: a place where this dialogue between man and nature is continually lived out and can be easily observed.

You will find her most recent work and contact details at, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

Red Gibbons-Lejeune

Red’s delicate hand-painted and gilded designs are inspired by old books, from medieval manuscripts to illustrated stories. Motivated by the patient hands of their makers, she paints using traditional materials and processes. Like ancient texts, her paintings are embellished with pure gold (24ct) to create a surface that is at once lustrous and elusive. Throughout history such gilded paintings have been designed to be personal—hand painted by individuals, for individuals. Luxurious and indulgent, they make striking gifts and ideal markers of momentous occasions.

To learn more about Red’s work or enquire about commissions, visit