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Introducing the Second Spring Imprint at Angelico Press

Through our imprint with Angelico Press, we offer books with a special emphasis on the mystical and imaginative elements in the Christian tradition, along with resources for intellectual and spiritual renewal. Our particular fields of interest include Monasticism, Ressourcement, Catholic English Revival, Spiritual Classics, and catechetical resources.

Angelico Press, who published many of Stratford Caldecott’s later works, is dedicated to making the rich tradition of Catholic intellectual and cultural life more available to families, students, and scholars. They publish both new books and quality out-of-print works of apologetics, theology, philo­sophy, political and social thought, spirituality, history, art, biography, and literature. They give careful attention to choice of titles, elegant design and production, and affordable prices.

  • Dawn of this Hunger

  • Out of the Classroom and into the World: How to Transform Catholic Education

  • Sale!

    Beauty in the Word: Rethinking the Foundations of Education

    Original price was: £9.95.Current price is: £7.95.
  • Sale!

    The Radiance of Being: Dimensions of a Cosmic Christianity

    Original price was: £10.95.Current price is: £8.95.