English Faith & Culture From Reformation to Catholic Revival

Classes take place in the centre of Oxford, in lecture rooms at Blackfriars Hall, the Dominican Hall of Study at the University of Oxford. We offer residential and non-residential places, to allow for budget flexibility.

Accommodation for Residential Students

Our residential students will be staying in beautiful Georgian student houses on St John’s Street in the heart of the city, but tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. A few doors down from one of Tolkien’s homes, and right around the corner from the “Bird & Baby” pub where the Inklings used to meet, the Ashmolean Museum, the central bus station, and, crucially, our classroom, you couldn’t be staying in a more convenient location. The houses are self-catering and therefore budget-friendly, and our students enjoy the camaraderie of living and cooking together during their stay.

However, none of the rooms are ensuite, and the buildings do not have elevators or air conditioning, so this is not a good option for everyone.

Non-Residential Students

We recommend looking at the University’s Bed & Breakfast booking system, which offers many different types of college rooms. Read the descriptions carefully, and ask us if you’d like advice: www.universityrooms.com/en/city/oxford/home

Here are some other ideas in or near the city centre:

YHA Oxford – probably your cheapest option








Or, for self-catering accommodation: www.holidaylettings.co.uk or www.airbnb.com

Of course, an internet search will find many other ideas for you as well. Notes that hotels on the outskirts of town may not be as atmospheric, but they might have better facilities and the city centre can be accessed by regular public buses.


Oxford is a beautiful and relatively safe city, and with a largely pedestrianised centre you will find everything very walkable. There are great public buses used by all locals that take you out to the outskirts of town and to nearby villages. The only hazards to watch out for are cyclists and large herds of tourists—the city gets very packed in the summer months. We recommend exploring the side streets to avoid battling the crowds constantly.

From Oxford, we will be taking several day trips: one to London, and others out into the countryside to visit exciting locations. For these trips we will usually be travelling by private minibus that will collect you outside the student houses on St John’s Street.