Who Can Apply?

English Faith & Culture From Reformation to Catholic Revival

While this course is aimed at a high undergraduate level, others are welcome to apply. Recent graduates, teachers, young professionals, postgraduates, seminarians, and retirees have found much richness in our unique curriculum, and the small class size allows for in-depth discussion and interactions with our excellent professors.

We don’t usually accept applicants under the age of 20 unless there are exceptional circumstances, but in the past, our ‘students’ have ranged from 17 to 84 years old!

We provide you with a Reading List to help prepare you for your time in Oxford—this will be required for participants of the Oxford Scholars Program, but for everyone else it is only suggested.

If you’re an Anglophile with a love for the great literary and artistic figures connected to Oxford—Tolkien, Lewis, Campion, More, Newman, Hopkins, Chesterton, Waugh, and the Pre-Raphaelites to name but a few—and want to delve into how their faith shaped them and how they shaped an ongoing discourse in Western culture, this summer school is for you.

Please note, this programme is conducted solely in English. That said, we are delighted to welcome applicants from all over the world—in the past we’ve had people attend from Chile, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France… as well as from North America. And don’t be put off if you’re from England of course: locals are more than welcome, and if you live in commuting distance you can register as a non-residential participant.

Apply Now for 1-15th August 2019