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Stratford Caldecott: A Life Recalled

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By Russell Sparkes It seems scarcely possible that we have arrived at the seventh anniversary of Stratford Caldecott’s death. While a deeply personal tragedy for his wife and children, his death was also a great loss for the Catholic Church in the…
DIY Advent calendar with Bible verses and prompts

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

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If you've ever found shop-bought Advent calendars a little lacking, and want an easy way to be guided through the season with some spiritual reading and daily challenges to put your faith into action in the run-up to Christmas, you might like…

Building Bridges

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A Neo-Romantic Approach to Apologetics By Stratford Caldecott († 17 July 2014) Photograph © Dean Evans 2019 In the work of evangelization we rely to a very great extent on what is called “apologetics”, or the art of explaining and defending the…

Second Spring Current

Reflect, Review, Report, Research, Rediscover

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An Education for Meaning

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Stratford Caldecott’s Metaphysical Perspective By Rev. Jacob A. Strand During my first parish assignment in my home Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, much of my priestly ministry transpired in school as well as in church. Teaching the elementary school students and ministering the sacraments…

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An Education Infused with the Logos

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Grace and the Liberal Arts By Clare Hornsby and Sebastian Morello The liberal arts belong to the very identity of Christian civilisation. It is true, of course, that they predate the Incarnation, and their genesis took place beyond the Old Covenant; but, like…

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On the Camino de Santiago

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A New Springtime for Europe By William Griffiths The “Second Spring” metaphor used by Blessed John Henry Newman for the revival of the Catholic Church and the culture deriving from it in Great Britain is inspiring indeed. But we are blessed with the…

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In the Eye of the Storm

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St George and the Dragon By Marie Meaney     The topic couldn’t be more dramatic: a maiden in distress, attacked by a vicious dragon who is defeated by Saint George. Yet, the maiden in Paolo Uccello’s (1397-1475) painting from around 1470…

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