God’s Covenant with You: The Bible Tells a Story

Written by Scott Hahn and Stratford Caldecott; Illustrated by David Clayton

An introduction to Scripture from popular author Scott Hahn, with beautiful icon-style illustrations for each page of text.

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34 pages, paperback, glossy cover
Size: 215.9 x 279.4 mm (US Letter)


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The story the Bible tells, the story of the Covenant, is the story that, of all stories, we most need to hear, and to teach our children. It makes sense of our lives, and shows us why we are here. It shows us that we are loved. But too often, because the Bible is so big, we lose sight of this golden thread that runs all the way through it, and our children never learn what God wants them to know. That is why this book focuses on the theme of Covenant. This divine idea runs through the Bible, and it underlies all theology. If children begin to grasp it as a story that means something to them, a story in which they have a part, they will be well prepared for studying the Catechism when they are older.

Scott Hahn, from the Introduction to God's Covenant With You

In this book, David Clayton’s beautiful pictures are just as important as the text. They offer a landscape for the child’s imagination, in which the child may play freely, while listening to the words that accompany them. The pictures help bring the words to life, and a creative application of crayons to the pictures can help the story of the Covenant impress itself more deeply on the imagination. These pictures also bear intriguing traces of many artistic traditions, especially the wonderful iconography of the East and the illuminated manuscripts of the West. In this way a love of great Christian art may be enkindled here, alongside a love of Scripture.

Scott Hahn, from the Introduction to God's Covenant With You

God is beautiful and he loves beauty. May this book encourage teachers, parents, and children to love beauty too, and to search for it until they find it in him.

Scott Hahn, from the Introduction to God's Covenant With You

Great way of introducing salvation history as a prelude to First Communion programme. Absolutely love this book for the children.

A repeat customer