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      Second Spring

      I have a married couple of friends with an impressive range of teaching (and editing, and writing!) experience under their belts currently, who are on the hunt for jobs in the UK or remotely (or abroad, if visas can be arranged). They are currently based in Preston.

      Robert is qualified to teach the International Baccalaureate, and was most recently Head of History and Literature Departments (and Humanities Teacher) at Aquinas American School in Madrid, where he designed most of the Upper School History and Literature curricula. Before that he taught English and History at Chavagnes International College, France. He’s also got an incredibly impressive resume as an editor, writer, and translator (he’s fluent in French and competent in Czech) but I won’t list that all out here.

      Ruth is currently on Maternity leave, but she is a published poet, and taught Religion (Grades 6-8) at Aquinas American School in Madrid. Previously, at Chavagnes International College, she taught English Literature to A-Level, and English Language and Latin to GCSE, as well as Drama, and held the position of Head of the Junior Department. She has also tutored Beginner’s Greek (she has an MA in Ancient Greek ad Hebrew).

      That barely scratches the surface of all they have to offer. If you’d like to see their full CVs, please send me a private message!

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