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      Second Spring

      Starting off our series of conversation-starter articles over on Second Spring Current, we have Madeleine Carroll’s piece about Homeschooling.

      Here’s the link.

      While Homeschooling is common in the U.S.A., it is still a relatively uncommon phenomenon in the U.K.

      Have you ever attempted it? What were the challenges you faced? What helped, or would have helped?

      In other areas of the Forum:
      Does anyone know of any good resources for homeschoolers in the U.K. specifically?
      You could post them here to let others know about them.

      Are you looking to connect with homeschoolers in the U.K.? There’s a dedicated area set up here.

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      Great article! As Madeleine says, there are efforts to start up affiliates of Regina Caeli in the UK – specifically in Bedfordshire and Yorkshire – in September 2019. Regina Caeli is a hybrid tutoring centre in the Catholic Classical tradition, with two days a week classroom teaching and the other three days at home, and using a Classical curriculum drawing from Mother of Divine Grace.

      There’s an information event on 8th September; more details are here:

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      Second Spring

      That’s great J! Thanks for letting us know.

      Roy’s started a thread about the event here as well.

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