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      I teach high school at our Catholic parish co-op three days a week, and one of the things I have been trying to do, incorporating one of Strat’s ideas, is to give students a sense of history by making them memorize a timeline of events on rosary beads. I try to pick key events in salvation and church history, and after emerging from the Neolithic period, I keep the events about every 100 years so that students have a good grasp of exactly how long history is. I remember when I was in college being shocked to realize that the medieval period was nearly 1000 years long while American History was only about 200 years. My history classes up till that point (which did not really emphasize dates, this being the 70s) had given me the reverse impression! So I think having students integrate a strict numerical timeline is very important for a sense of perspective. I would welcome other’s thoughts.

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