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      When you become a member of this forum, you must agree to our Website Terms and Conditions, including the forum policies, which I am posting here as a reminder:

      All posts must be approved by a forum Moderator. Moderators will only approve posts that comply with the forum policies.

      All Users must be 18 years of age or over.

      All Users must agree to work towards charity, clarity, respect, thoughtfulness, and accuracy.

      Please treat others with respect and courtesy. Posts may sometimes come across with a harsher tone than intended, so show grace to others by assuming the best. Avoid harsh or judgemental language, and of course please use no profanity or unkind names (even if *** or other symbols are used in place of part of the word). Be careful that your own posts display a tone and content that reflects kindness and care for others.

      No ad hominem attacks will be tolerated: while the debate and discussion of ideas are encouraged, comments directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining will not be approved. Spamming, trolling, and flaming are prohibited; basic netiquette rules apply.

      All posts must demonstrate an effort to employ a reasonable level of spelling, grammar, and punctuation so that the style of writing does not distract unduly from the content. We encourage users to write in complete sentences and with minimal use of jargon on the one hand, or slang / incorrect English on the other.

      Please be aware that we welcome members of a variety of religious and philosophical beliefs. While the founders and many of the moderators are Catholic, we believe that dialogue can be fruitful as long as all parties are on a genuine and active quest for Truth. Learn about Stratford’s approach in our archive.

      Users must endeavour to post topics in the relevant area of the forum and to stay on topic. Moderators may split posts off from a discussion thread in order to start a new topic of discussion elsewhere, or merge topics that are duplicates.

      SPAM and commercial postings will be deleted.

      Please do not post chain emails. Ever.

      If you do post a message from an email, please fix the formatting before posting to avoid making readers sift through a jumble of html code and messy carets.

      Users may not post copyrighted materials to the board without permission from the copyright holders. That would usually be the original authors. Do not repost comments from other message boards, contents of posts in mailing lists, personal comments from Facebook statuses. Exceptions: You may post brief excerpts from published materials (300 words or less is generally considered fair use). You may post links to public blogs along with a sentence or two, or your description, in order to give forum members context so they know why they want to click on that link. Please don’t link to sources for illegally obtaining copyrighted materials for free.

      Users are discouraged from sharing any Personal Information in the forums (which are largely public), especially Sensitive Personal Information or anything that may be used to identify them. All Users must agree that any Personal Information shared in the forums is voluntarily shared, and Second Spring Oxford Ltd is therefore not liable for what happens with that information. The forum is publically accessible, so any information you provide there may be read, collected, and used by others.

      The posts to this forum should stay on this forum unless the author of the particular post puts his or her own content somewhere else or gives written permission for that content to be shared.

      The Personal Data supplied by Users when registering for use of the forums will be handled by Second Spring Oxford Ltd in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which can be found here.

      The Moderators may use their discretion to block any Users who consistently fail to abide by these terms. Moderators are not obliged to enter into a discussion about their decisions.

      Any questions or issues you would like to raise privately can be emailed to secondspringltd[at]gmail.com

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