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      Second Spring

      To start of our book recommendations, I wanted to let you know about this recently released title from the Second Spring imprint at the excellent Angelico Press:

      Out of the Classroom and into the World: How to Transform Catholic EducationBy Roy Peachey; Foreword by Michael Hanby

      You’ll find Francis Phillips’ review here.

      Here are some other things people said about it:

      “It is with great pleasure that I see Roy Peachey taking up the challenges laid down by Stratford Caldecott in his ground-breaking work on education.”
       — LÉONIE CALDECOTT, co-director of Second Spring

      “Philosophically sophisticated yet down-to-earth, this bold call to action should be read by all who care about the formation and welfare of children.”
       — ALISON MILBANK, University of Nottingham

      “In Out of the Classroom and into the World, Roy Peachey makes an important contribution to helping Catholic parents, teachers, schools, and pastors take back ownership of Catholic education.”
       — ANDREW SEELEY, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education and Thomas Aquinas College

      “Building on the solid foundation of parents’ role as first educators, Roy Peachey traces out an attractive vision of what Catholic education could be, while remaining clear-sighted about the particular challenges now faced by those who are serious about changing contemporary culture.”
       — ROBERT TEAGUE, The Cedars School

      “For those homeschooling parents, like myself, whose educational philosophy is best expressed by the work of Stratford Caldecott, this is the book we’ve been waiting for. Just as Caldecott’s books inspired a movement to bring beauty back into education, it is my hope that Peachey’s book will be an inspiration in the ongoing transformation of Catholic education in the twenty-first century.”
       — ANDREA KIRK ASSAF, The Kirkos Caravan Cottage School

      “Witty, personal, and authoritative, this beautifully written and deeply learned book makes fresh the timeless lessons of a Catholic education and gives a much-needed reminder to Catholic schools and colleges of what they are about.”
       — ANDRÉ GUSHURST-MOORE, Worth School

      “Roy Peachey deploys a wide range of scholarship, both ancient and recent, to reflect on the vocation of Catholic educators and schools to walk in loving accompaniment with parents in their educational endeavor and mission.”
       — CHARLOTTE AVERY, St. Mary’s School

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      Second Spring

      Does anyone have any other book recommendations for Catholic education, specifically? What are your top three perhaps?

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