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      Second Spring

      This section is for sharing resources and reviews that our forum members may find useful.

      PLEASE NOTE THE MODERATORS WILL REMOVE PURELY MERCENARY POSTINGS, DUPLICATES, AND IRRELEVANT MATERIAL. Only posts about things that may genuinely be of interest to our members will pass moderation. Repeat offenders will be blocked.

      PLEASE NOTE that not everyone will agree about each other’s recommendations. That’s ok. Thoughtful and charitable critical engagement in line with our ‘Terms governing the use of the forums’ is encouraged from all our members, and all members are asked to accept such engagement in the same spirit, and not take things personally.

      BEFORE YOU START A TOPIC please use the ‘Search’ function in the sidebar to see if someone has already posted about the same item.

      Please start new topics in one of the Sub-Forums if appropriate:

      -Books (self-explanatory!)
      -Curricula (tried-and-tested a curriculum and want to share your thoughts?)
      -Events (invite people to your event or share information about something you’re attending)
      -Experiences (a story to share?)
      -In the News (spotted something about education policy or examples?)
      -Networks and Institutions (organizations or groups that provide resources)
      -On the Web (blogs, online journals and magazines, other websites)

      Unsure where to post? Ask below.

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